Project progress discussed in Riga

Ongoing Telecentre Multimedia Academy (TMA)project gained a strong momentum – 8 project partners from different European countries met in Riga to “put all dots on i” re. learning material syllabus and content development. The 3rd project partners’ meeting was hosted in the end of February by Telecentre Europe member Latvian organization LIKTA.

During the last 10-15 years Telecentre Europe members, e-actors across the continent, have made huge efforts to enhance digital key competences by adult learners and have been focused on information technology, i.e. the use of the computer, ECDL certification, etc. Nowadays  ICT learning is expanding and for keeping occupational success and full civic participation, people need more and more specific technological skills – media literacy.

As 1st stage of TMA project - study of media literacy programs for adults - have been already accomplished and the background of every country is perceived, during this meeting the focus of the project team discussions was on the development of two levels of students’ learning books and tutorials - basic and advanced, localization issues, pilot trainings organization as well as acquisition of equipment.

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During the current project phase all partners contribute to the learning material content so it would fit to all needs clarified in the previous research. Partners agreed on using mainly open source software to ensure free of charge programs’ access.

It is foreseen that the syllabus will equip learners with skills related to understanding, use and production of media based on ICTs, including audio-visual and photography. After the completion of the learning material  pilot trainings will be provided in all partner countries followed by  Telecentre Multimedia Academies established in 6 countries as the reference points across Europe to offer this learning opportunity to adults on a regular basis. It is foreseen to present TMA results at the final conference in Zagreb.


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