The Pilot Training in Hungary

The Telecentre Multimedia Academy  pilot training in Hungary was completed on 31st May, 2014.


10 Szerkesztes film

Very hard working and learning, - 14 people received the TMA Certificate at the Foundation for Community of Bihar Regional – Telecentre and Resource Center.

Development of the team was supported by 4 teachers on the topic of radio, photography and video/film production. The participants used lots of professional tools, applications. They were very enthusiastic and learnt in addition to the requirement.

Virtually an entire crew was evolved and everyone got and undertook tasks according to their own personality and interests (eg.: editor, reporter, editor in chief etc). The teachers provided personal assistance, and were constantly available for the participants. This cooperative attitude was represented lately in the results of the training course.

Instead of the required 70 hours of Basic Level, the participants learnt and worked more - 100-110 hours of multi-media materials and practice, diligently!

Their works are available on YouTube in more parts » 14 helyi-tv riport-a-foszerkesztovel

In other partner countries, the TMA pilot trainings have began from 2nd June, first in Latvia. This is followed by Lithuania and Croatia, and the rest - of the countries in end of July.

Based on both Hungarian and foreign feedback: the Team of Berettyóújfalu performed the maximum and has raised the bar for other trainers.

Special thanks to the participants, the local coordinators (Kissné Pásztor Irma; Kiss László), and trainers (Hegedűs Anita, Vinaji Parti Andrea, Csernai Árpád and Vinaji Árpád).


15 TMA resztvevok oklevelek