Piloting activities in Romania

On Tuesday, June 17 the piloting training on TMA project started in Romania. 15 active participants are involved in the training. Almost all of them are teachers/trainers that are working in the field of adult education and are representing different educational institutions and NGO's. They loved the first two sessions organized this week in Timisoara which is the piloting site of the training.

Photography training sessions

Photo training module within the TMA programme was a real success in Romania. From those three modules that were piloted (audio, video and photography) the photography training sessions were the most interesting and exciting for the adult learners participating to the pilot. Editing in Photoshop was considered something very new, spectacular but also very useful in their daily life and professional activities.
Because participants expressed a real interest to develop very well their skills in this area, the trainer organized many training sessions in some nice locations based near to the piloting site. Thus, adult learners had the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge’s acquired during the theoretical sessions.

Video and audio sessions

The main product of video and audio TMA training modules is a short movie realised by adult learners with the support of their trainers.
Participants learned how to work with Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Elements to create and to mount a short movie using these applications. They learned how to import photos and edit images, how to put a title, how to add audio background, how to cut and paste different sequences that were filmed thereby the video to be developed at high quality.





Photoshop session m