Final project conference in Zagreb

The conference took place in Zagreb in the end of September. It was focused on presenting the Telecentre Multimedia Academy project to the wide rage of stakeholders and conference guests and a discussion of media and information literacy skills, with a focus on adult education curriculum as well as experience of its implementation in various European countries.

The conference gathered two special guests from Belgium and Ireland as well as three local experts from Croatia. Sally Reynolds presented Media & Learning Association and invited to explore collaboration opportunities.

Philip Penny from Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology talked about the iProfessional project which aims to enhance the performance of education systems through media education. Igor Kanižaj (University of Zagreb) pointed out that media and information literacy (MIL) is not reflected in Croatian government strategies. But while there is a lack of policy support, the NGO sector has its own solutions: promoting media and information literacy in schools by student volunteers. Mislav Balković (Algebra, University College for Applied Computer Engineering) addressed employment opportunities in the multimedia sector and said that the change in perception “job for life versus knowledge for job” is necessary because knowledge is a generator of competitiveness. Nela Gudelj who works in Croatian Radio Television sees the challenge of producing more high quality content with less manpower and, therefore, new eSkills are needed for media specialists.

During the conference many speakers and project implementers shared their knowledge and insights about multimedia literacy. All the presentations of the conference are available online:


 Telecentre Multimedia Academy (TMA) presentations:



The photos of the conference are available here.