Adult learners from 7 European countries testing new Multimedia learning pathway

7 groups of adult learners from European countries are testing the brand new learning material developed for acquiring multimedia skills. The pilot training courses were organized in the frame of international Telecentre Multimedia Academy (TMA) project, initiated by e-inclusion actors across Europe united by the Telecentre Europe.


Highlightening multimedia skills for adults

“Telecentre Media Academy” project is being implemented by 8 TMA consortium members with the support of EC Lifelong Learning Programme. The TMA project is aimed at providing a learning pathway on media literacy specifically tailored for adult learners. The programme will equip learners with skills related to understanding, use and production of media based on ICTs, including audio-visual and photography. Six new multimedia academies will be established in partner countries in order to encourage adults to create interactive internet content.

Pilot courses in consortium countries

In the lifetime of TMA project the new syllabus and learning methodology was developed by experts of  project partners. The student book as well as teachers guide are translated into 8 partner languages. To ensure the quality of the developed material the pilot training courses were organized in partner countries: Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia and Spain. The groups of 13-17 participants have been involved in the training of photography, video and audio modules. They studied composition, light as well as the use of free programs for editing photos and authoring videos.

“Nowadays multimedia skills belong to the core ICT skills relevant to everyone while performing daily duties at work as well as in leisure time or hobbies. Personally, I need these skills for maintaining our library’s Facebook account every day. I wish everyone in our library could have this course to improve their ICT multimedia skills.” – says pilot course participant, librarian Ramunė Tamulėnienė.

Open call for joining the pilot

The open pilot courses of TMA methodology and learning material experience is still available for organizations. Interested organisations joining the courses will receive full access to the key outputs of the project including the learning resources. Before piloting, train-the trainer workshop will be organised for all involved piloting organisations to introduce them with the learning pathway. Pilot organisations will also receive methodological support from the project consortium and will be invited to present their pilot experience at the TMA final conference (Media Literacy for All).

Final project conference

The final project conference will be held in Zagreb on the 24-25 September of this year. The event will gather telecentre leaders, representatives of digital empowerment organizations and stakeholders from at least 20 countries. The event is structured to reflect the journey from digital inclusion to the more advanced e-Skills for jobs, with this year  focus on multimedia skills.