About TMA

United Kingdom

The aim of the project

TMA is a project aimed at providing a learning pathway on media literacy specifically tailored for adult learners.

The programme will equip learners with skills related to understanding, use and production of media based on ICTs, including audio-visual and photography. The TMA project will also establish reference points across Europe to offer this learning opportunity to adults on a regular basis.

Project duration—from Nov, 2012 till October, 2014.


Expected results

At the end of the project, TMA will make available:

  • The report “Study on media literacy programmes in Europe for adult learners”
  • A full and validated programme on media literacy for adult learners, completed with learning materials and teachers materials, in 8 languages;
  • 6 Telecentre Multimedia Academy in Europe
  • A website as reference point for adult media literacy in Europe.
  • A raised awareness about the need of further efforts to support media literacy for adults in Europe, to promote inclusion and full and equitable participation in society.


Identified Target groups 

The direct and indirect target groups for Telecentre Multimedia Academy are: members of TMA consortium; adult learners; teachers, trainers, facilitators active in adult education; national stakeholders (i.e. guidance services, training providers); telecentres and adult education institutions; policy makers (EU and national).


Learning material is avalable here:

english tma




The project Telecentre Multimedia Academy is funded by European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme - Grundtvig Multilateral projects.